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M.O.P.A Radiant Frequency

Why buy the GB-4000 with the M.O.P.A.?

Hands Free

Hands Free Operation

The M.O.P.A. is a non-contact 190 watt output instrument that allows the user to move around freely. By using the Plasma Tube to broadcast the frequencies, you are able to receive the frequencies without being tied down to the hand cylinders or foot pads.

You can sleep doing overnight sets, watch TV, read, cook, eat, or work while receiving frequencies delivered from the plasma tube. Keep in mind that the closer you are to the tube, the greater the power that is received by the user.

  • Plasma Tube has 5 foot leads for convient positioning
  • Plasma tube uses a removeable reflector to focus frequencies forward

Highest Power Output

Highest Power Output

The GB4000 function generator works in conjunction with the MOPA amplifier to give you the highest possible power output available today in a radient frequency machine. The MOPA has a variable output in the range of 20 watts to 190 watts.

This output is broadcast through Plasma Tube, which is a glass or pyrex tube filled with a noble gas. A plasma tube, unlike a metal antenna, has the capability of emitting frequencies over a very broad range without the need of being tuned.

  • Variable Power output up to 190 watts
  • User has complete control of output intensity
  • Up to 30 to 40 foot effective range

Perfect Accuracy

Best Frequency Range with Perfect Accuracy

The GB4000 with the MOPA has been designed to be able to produce all of the frequencies that the original researchers used. And now with the ability to operate in both the audio and RF modes, the MOPA has the broadest frequency range of any radient frequency machine on the market.

  • Uses a variable RF carrier from 2.2Mhz to about 3.8Mhz
  • Can produce the high frequencies used by the original researchers
  • Frequency Range - 0.1 to 20 Million Hertz
  • MOPA can now operate in both Audio and RF modes.
  • Built in Frequency Counter for easy set up

Easy to Use

Easiest User Interface

When you are running your frequencies, the last thing you want is to have to fight your machine to get it to produce the frequencies you want. With the GB-4000 there is no scrolling through endless lists of options and numbers to get to the function you want. The GB4000 has a full keypad with all the functions and numbers you need directly accessible so it is extremely easy to use.

  • Full keypad for instant access to all functions
  • Comes pre-programmed with 873 Channels - ready to use right out of the box
  • Can store up to 2000 Channels. All the room you need for your custom channels
  • Easy to use sweep and gating functions
  • Displays frequencies on the screen and in the manual - no hidden frequencies
  • Fully programmable. No need to ever buy other frequencies or recordings. You can program and run any frequencies from 1 Hz to 20 Mhz
  • Comes with Video Tutorial DVD
Video Tutorials

8 Frequencies at Once

Run up to 8 frequencies at once.

The GB-4000 is the only instrument that is capable of running up to 8 frequencies simultaneously to 40,000 Hertz without frequency degradation. And it comes with that capability straight out of the box. No need to purchase additional equipment like some other machines on the market.

Running up to 8 frequencies at a time makes it up to 8 times faster than any other instrument. Why wase your time running one frequency at a time? And since the GB-4000 is so much more powerful than mose other machines available, it has plenty of horsepower to run those frequencies at the same time. It's like getting 8 frequency generators for the price of one.

Warranty service and support

World Class Warranty, Support, and Return Period

The Final piece of the puzzle. Warranty, Tech Support, and Satisfaction Guaranteed. You need to know that the machine you buy will give you hassle free service for years to come.

We are confident that you will be totally thrilled with your new GB-4000 frequency machine. So confident in fact, that we offer a category leading 2 year full warrantyand a full 60 day money back guarantee. As if that weren't enough, all of our instruments come with free lifetime tech support via phone and email. So you can feel confident that you will be able to use your machine for years and get the support you need, when you need it.

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When you purchase a GB4000, you will usually also want to purchase the Accessory Kit from KD Enterprises. The Accessory Kit is currently listed for $122.00 plus shipping. Your machine will come with all required connecting wires.

PLEASE NOTE: The gas filled plasma tube including copper collars with wires, gas tube holder and new reflector are sold separately from another company for $335.00 plus shipping. We can give you the contact information for the company that sells the plasma tube when you order. This gas tube is made of Pyrex and is a 2" inch round by 14" inch long Helium, Argon, or Helium/Argon filled tube. It is guaranteed to handle the power output of the M.O.P.A.

Compact Travel Combo

Compact Travel Combo

$2,579.95 SALE $2,460.00

If you need to take your GB4000 on the go, the Compact Travel Combo is your perfect solution. It comes with the GB4000, the SR4 amplifier and the Compact Travel case.

The compact travel case's sturdy construction will ensure that your equipment is safe, and the custom foam padding will make it easy to package your units for travel. The compact case is constructed of heavy duty ABS, has rounded metal-reinforced corners and is impact and scratch resistant.

This combo will include the most update GB4000 hardware and software shipped directly from the factory. Save $120 when you purchase the Compact Travel Combo compared to the price of these items if purchased separately.  
  • Includes the latest GB4000 RF Frequency Generator AND SR-4 15 Watt RF Amplifier
  • Attractive, durable Compact Travel Case
  • Highest power output available in a contact device
  • You can program your own custom channels
  • Displays frequencies on screen and in the manual
  • Comes with a full 2 year warranty

M.O.P.A. Combo Pack

M.O.P.A. Combo Pack

$4,445.00 SALE $4,220.00

Now you can get the power of the M.O.P.A. Amplifier with the powerful features of the GB4000. The MOPA amplifier was designed based on an in-depth analysis of the equipment used by the original frequency researchers.

Though it has been updated with modern electronics, it still uses the RF tank coil and 812a vacuum tube needed to produce the original analog sine wave and square wave output of the original equipment.

  • Includes the GB4000 and the MOPA Amplifier
  • Hands-Free operation, non-contact frequency delivery
  • Only system on the market that can output the 1930s/1950s frequencies
  • Built-in frequency counter for easy configuration
  • Comes with full 2 year warranty

GB4000 SR4 Combo pack

GB4000 SR4 Combo pack

$2,420.00 SALE $2,320.00

GB4000 and SR4 combo pack. With the GB4000 and SR4 combo pack, you get all of the frequencies as well as the power output you need.

This combo will include the most update GB4000 hardware and software shipped directly from the factory. Save $100 when you purchase the GB4000 and SR4 combo pack compared to the price of these items if purchased separately.
  • Includes the latest most up to date GB4000 RF Frequency Generator AND SR-4 15 Watt RF Amplifier
  • 5 times more powerful than the GB4000 alone
  • Comes with both Audio and RF modes.
  • Highest power output available in a contact device.
  • You can program your own custom channels
  • Displays frequencies on screen and in the manual
  • Comes with a full 2 year warranty

Banana to Pin Adapter

Banana to Pin Adapter


We now have Banana-to-Pin adapters available.  If you need to connect your GB4000 to an accessory that uses a Pin type connector instead of a Banana type connector, these little adapters are exactly what you need.

Set of 4 Banana to Pin Adapters - 2 Red, 2 Black

GB4000 Function Generator

GB4000 Function Generator


The GB-4000 20 MegaHertz Sweep Function Generator is the most versatile frequency generator on the market today. In terms of frequency range, power output, and ease of use, the GB4000 is head and shoulders above the rest.
  • Widest frequency range of any machine on the market
  • Simple to use, but includes advanced features.
  • Comes with both Audio and RF modes.
  • Highest output power available in a contact device
  • Run up to 8 frequencies at once
  • You can program your own custom chanels